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The goal of SCOR's buyout program is to relocate citizens out of harm's way and restore the natural function of the floodplain. Buyout programs are voluntary and the properties acquired are returned to green space, creating an opportunity for flood waters to be captured through stormwater parks, water retention ponds, or other mechanisms. SCOR aims to buyout contiguous properties in order to avoid a "checkerboard" effect, which removes some citizens from the floodplain, while leaving others.

Green spaceGreen spaceGreen space

Total Budget $37.3 million
Eligible Applicants Counties, cities, or towns
Eligible HUD National Objectives
  • LMI Direct Benefit
  • LMI Buyout
  • LMI Housing Initiative
  • LMI Area Benefit
  • Mitigation Urgent Need
Executing Jurisdictions
  • SC Office of Resilience
  • County, city, or town subrecipients with capacity to execute buyout projects
Eligible Activities Buyout of residential properties
Eligibility Criteria


  • Project must meet all CDBG-MIT requirements


  • Property must be a residential parcel
  • Property must be in the floodplain
  • One person with an ownership interest in part or in whole on the property must be able to demonstrate U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residence

Scoring Criteria:

  • LMI%
  • Level of Flood Risk Reduction
  • Quantity of Flood Risk Reduction
Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) When comparing and selecting Infrastructure and Buyout projects, SCOR will complete a Benefit Cost Analysis to determine the dollar value for the positive impact the project will have on the area. For example, if the cost to restore a wetland is $50,000 and will prevent $100,000 in future flood damage, the BCA is 2 (benefit divided by cost).