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SC Solar for All

SC Solar For All 

On April 22, 2024, EPA announced their intent to fund SCOR’s Solar For All grant in the amount of $124,440,000. This significant investment aligns with SCOR's mission to enhance the state's ability to anticipate, absorb, recover, and thrive in the face of environmental changes and natural disasters.

About Solar For All

The Solar For All Program is part of EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. This $7 billion program strives to expand access to solar investment for low-income and disproportionately burdened communities while providing affordable, resilient, and clean energy. For more information about Solar For All, please see EPA’s FAQ page.

SC Solar For All

Through the Solar For All grant, SCOR will implement solar programs that offer multiple benefits to communities, the economy, and the environment across South Carolina. The primary objectives of the program include expanding residential distributed solar and solar energy programs, providing resilient power solutions, diversifying the grid, and generating wealth and job opportunities within local communities.

SCOR's Solar For All program will be developed and implemented across four main areas:

  1. SC Community Solar Initiative: Implement community-based solar projects to increase diversification of energy resources.
  2. SC Solar Innovation Fund: Establish a grant program to support creative solutions such as solar and storage infrastructure at multi-family affordable housing facilities and community-serving facilities, community resilience hubs, and new technologies such as solar canopies.
  3. Workforce Training and Development: Invest in high-quality job opportunities and effective solar workforce training programs statewide.
  4. Coordination with Energy Efficiency Programs: Partner with home energy efficiency and weatherization programs to coordinate activities and align efforts to increase resilience  for low-income and disadvantaged households and communities.

Next Steps

  • At this time, EPA has not awarded funding. EPA anticipates that some funding will be made available by the end of September 2024.  
  • After funding is awarded, SCOR will continue planning and developing the South Carolina Solar For All program, as well as continue stakeholder engagement. 

  • SCOR is currently not accepting proposals or providing funding for solar projects. Offers of free or discounted solar due to the Solar For All program are likely inaccurate. Please see the Consumer Protections page if you have questions or concerns about solar offerings. 

  • If you are interested in submitting comments or input once the program commences, please join the Solar For All mailing list to receive updates and information about the program. Updates will also be posted to this webpage.